Blogging For Serious SMO

For great Social Media Optimization (SMO) you ought to be blogging, baby! Blogging for business or personal use is a great way to share your knowledge and thoughts and really make an impact. Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook are great but add a blog and you have the complete package. A blog helps to increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) resulting in more visitors and exposure for your business.

Search engines such as Google and Bing love websites that update their content often. This is why blogging is so important. The more you post the better your search engine ranking. As How To Go Social has mentioned before, quality over quantity. Be sure what you are writing about is relevant to your audience and supports your message. Don’t just post to post. Once you have gotten into a groove and are posting on a regular basis you will see your blog appearing more often in searches. Ultimately, your business will gain more exposure because your blog is driving more traffic to your website, if that is your goal.

Once you have written a post for your blog, share it! Utilize your other social media resources, such as Facebook and Twitter. Have your blog appear on your LinkedIn profile. Use those social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon. Just upload your post once it is “published”. By utilizing all these resources you will achieve Social Media Optimization or SMO. Your post will have some incredible exposure and, hopefully, be shared again, and again, and again.

Also, give credit where credit is due. If you are referencing a news article include a link to the original article. Or, if you are quoting someone create a hyperlink to their website or personal profile. This is not only good form but also the more links within your post the more exposure your blog will receive.

Of course, using strong keywords will open up more opportunities for your blog to appear in searches. But, don’t over do it. This could also appear as spamming and then you will lose your credibility.

You will want to know how well your blog is performing. There are some great, free tools available to track the success of your blog. Google Analytics is probably the most recognized free service and a very powerful tool. It tracks referring sites, keywords, and number of visitors, for example. Most blogging platforms have their own analytics tool too. Take WordPress. They provide Stats. It is as good as Google Analytics and doesn’t count your own visits. But no matter what tool you choose, just be sure to choose something.

Again, this is an introduction. Once you get the hang of blogging you can start including images, video, link to other blogs and more to take your blog to a new level.

Happy Blogging!

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