Facebook Fan Pages Redesign

Recently Facebook launched their latest update: Page Redesign. You can get notifications about activity on your page, see stories from the pages you like in your news feed, and interact with other pages as your page. This is great for administrators and for businesses. Basically, pages will have more reach and exposure.

Your Facebook page will work more like your profile page now. It will showcase your pictures along the top of your page, you will be notified when fans interact with your page, there will be a news feed for your page and, my favorite, the ability to like, comment and post to other pages as your page.  It’s very exciting.

Here are some of the changes:

Be Your Page

This is a favorite new feature here. You can choose to either interact as your profile or your page. You can “Like” other brand pages, interact on their Walls, and have those interactions be from your brand page, instead of your personal profile. For business purposes, keeping your “page” persona allows for more exposure and will hopefully drive more attention and “likes” to your page


Receive notifications when people interact with your page or posts. This is a great time saver and will keep admins in the loop. You don’t have to constantly be checking the account to see what is going on. All posts will be emailed to you directly notifying you of the comment.


Find other pages to like and comment on them as your page.


Keep up with the other pages you’ve liked through a newsfeed just for your page.


You can go back to use Facebook as yourself anytime – just click Account and select your profile.


Along with immediate notifications of comments and posts admins can set moderation settings that filter keywords and terms you want blocked from posts.

Mutual Friends and Mutual Interests

The newly redesigned pages feature sections on the right that call out Mutual Friends (that also like that page) and mutual interests (between the visiting user and the Page’s “Liked” pages.)

So, embrace the change and enjoy!

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Thanks so much!

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