Facebook Scheduled Posts

Are you one to hold your tongue and think about something before posting? Or, perhaps you are organized enough to post a discussion 6 months in advance. No matter what your reason, you can now schedule posts for future publication directly through Facebook without using a third party.

Scheduling will not only save you time but it’s easy! Write your post as you normally do. Add tags, links, video’s etc. Then look at the lower left hand corner of your post and you’ll see a clock symbol. Click that and follow the prompts for the year, month and date you wish to post.

 Once your post is ready just hit the blue schedule button and you are all set!

To see your scheduled posts or edit them go to your activity log.  You should know, you can only edit the time of the post, not the text. If you need to make any changes to the content you must delete it and re-create it.

One thing of interest here. When your scheduled post is published on your timeline it will not be automatically tweeted. So keep that in mind and remember to either schedule that tweet or go back and do it later if you need to.

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