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LinkedIn recently rolled out a new feature, LinkedIn Endorsements. You may already have received some or endorsed others.  What it comes down to is the strength of the praise of others. Positive words go a long way when it comes to your reputation. LinkedIn recognized that and is encouraging connections to sing each others praises. It’s also important for your “personal brand” to get endorsements, as anyone looking at your profile and comparing you to your competition will see them.

Before anyone can endorse your skills you must first add them to your profile. To do this you must go to your “edit profile” tab and you’ll see the Skills area to click through. LinkedIn will give you a choice of those already listed for you to pick from, or you can add others that are not currently there. I will also say your connections can endorse you for skill that is not listed. It will be up to you to except this when you’re notified.

It’s important when you are selecting these skills that you put them in order of importance. However as they are endorsed the ones that are most frequently noted will move to the top of the list.

When someone looks at your profile, or you look at a 1st connection’s profile, there will be an automatic request for endorsements. When you see this simply click the skills you want to endorse your connection for. However, if you don’t want to endorse that person for all their listed skills just click on the “x” next to that particular skill. Then click the endorse button and you’re done.

As you endorse others that activity shows up in your LinkedIn newsfeed. Anytime you have any activity on the channel this will happen. Whenever someone endorses you, you will receive a message letting you know. Then you can choose to accept and show these endorsements. Not sure why you wouldn’t want these to appear but you have the choice to hide endorsements too.

As with anything, maintain your etiquette. Send a little note thanking your supporters when they endorse you. And be sure to the same for them if you are a fan of their expertise!

What’s stopping you? Go sing the praises of others.

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