Looking To The Future To Share Your Past: Facebook Timeline Changes = Scrapbooking on steroids

Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team are shaking things up again. There were a lot of changes announced at the F8 Developer Conference in September.  Let’s get right to it…


Facebook profiles will be the users life history at a glance. As a mom I think this is too cool. I’m not that crafty and, sadly must admit, I let the picture books and archiving of my second child fall by the wayside. Now there are no more excuses. Facebook will capture all the fun pictures we’ve taken, stories and experiences we’ve shared, and places we’ve gone all on one page! The most I may have to do is click a star next to the event.

For example, if a friend scrolled my page to late 2007 they will see my location highlighted in Surfers Paradise, Australia with a picture of my kids running down the beach in diapers. My children may not be as thrilled with this now but when they want to look back at their childhood and share it with their kids, many years from now, they can and with just a click of a mouse. Genius!

Now, timeline from a business standpoint…hmmm. This may take some creative thinking but what about past seminars that may have gotten lost on a hard drive? Or contacts that you met briefly at a seminar and now can’t remember their names? I don’t know. The usage could be endless. One of my clients hosts an annual Expo. It may cool to go back and have people relive some past expos by expressing interest in his historical timeline. Just be creative!

The end of the “like” button:

It appears as though this is the case. Moving forward Facebook will be launching Facebook Gestures.  Facebook will be rolling out “Watched,” “Listened” and “Read” buttons, for example. At the F8 Conference the company announced developers will be given the power to create their own actions. This is being done to create more interaction. When you’ve seen a post by someone that delivers bad news and yet is important to you did you feel “liking” it would be inappropriate? Now there will be an opportunity to express your interest by using a different “visual verb”.

Facebook becomes an entertainment hub:

Also unveiled at the F8 Developers Conference, we learned Facebook users will soon be able to share music, movies, TV shows, news and activities such as cooking and exercising.   Facebook  is going beyond social networking towards one solid platform that ties all of its users experiences. They’re working with several companies who include partners such as Spotify Inc., Hulu LLC and Rdio Inc.  These partnership’s will allow you to watch a show your friend is recommending on Hulu, or select a song to listen to on Spotify. Finding what’s of interest to your friends will be made readily available from their live feed on a side bar called the “ticker”. The “ticker” will tell you what your friends are watching, listening to or reading, allowing you to share the experience with them by clicking on a link.

One thing is certain. Facebook isn’t sitting around ignoring the possibility that someone can outdo them (Google+). They are on top of things. And I for one believe change is good. It creates more advancement.

This is just the beginning. I’m curious to see how Timeline and all the advanced sharing app’s will change the way our world communicates and consumes information.

How about you? What do you think?

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