Facebook Scheduled Posts

Are you one to hold your tongue and think about something before posting? Or, perhaps you are organized enough to post a discussion 6 months in advance. No matter what your reason, you can now schedule posts for future publication directly through Facebook without using a third party.

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Facebook Promoted Posts

If your Facebook page has at least 400 fans and no more than 100,000 you may have noticed a new feature when you post content, Promoted Posts. This is a new advertising feature from Facebook that allows your content to appear not only in the news feeds of the people who like your page, but in the news feeds of friends of the people who have interacted with your post.

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LinkedIn Password Breach

You may have heard already that LinkedIn was hacked earlier and some of its members passwords were stolen. We don’t know how many members are at risk but if you can’t get into your LinkedIn account you may be one of them. Here is what you should expect from LinkedIn to reset your password if this is the case:
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Timeline For Facebook Pages Tells Your Story

There’s something new to learn in the world of social media. At the end of March Facebook will convert all Pages to their Timeline layout. Some of you may find yourselves somewhat perplexed, others not so thrilled and then there are those who are psyched! I’m one of those and so are some of my clients.

Your Facebook page is now more focused on your story.  People may be spending more time reading your Timeline rather than just coming to your page to ask a question. Therefore, the more visually engaging you can make your Timeline, the better.

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Do you put off today what you can do tomorrow?

I’m talking about procrastination. Yes, you know that word! It sends shivers up spines and causes many recurring nightmares of missing homework and running like a chicken without its head down a long high school hallway, or worse. Agh!

We all suffer from procrastination at every age. I can remember back to my childhood having projects due for school and waiting until the last minute. Then I would get stressed out and hand in something that could have been better, despite my mother’s warnings. Today, I see it in my own children. I even fall victim on occasion. However, being responsible for many different blogs I can’t let procrastination get the best of me. So, I have set a goal to show my family (and myself) how to avoid becoming the “procrastinator”.

Here are some steps I take to stay on top of everything and never let projects get away from me:

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