Smart and Organized Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook fan pages are a great way to market your business and connect with customers. Recently Facebook added some extra options for building your Facebook Fan Page and, very recently, a new look and functionality program change that we will discuss in a future post. Now you can identify your business category and then drill down to the specifics.

Some simple, initial steps to a smart and organized Facebook Fan Page:

First, select your category. Are you a local business? A large company? Perhaps you are selling a specific brand or product? Maybe you’re a Rock Star? No matter what your business is Facebook now gives you more category options.

After you have selected your category you’ll see a drop-down menu. From here select your specific industry or profession.

Then begin populating your page with all the pertinent data. This will be the first step in developing your Facebook page. Once you have this accomplished you can begin developing its personality with various applications and strategies.

For more cool updates on Facebook look for our next post “Facebook Page Redesign”.

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