Social Saturation

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the content on your social media channels? Are you wondering if you’re missing something or frustrated by the number of duplicate posts you see on a daily basis? You’re not alone.

Recent reports show over 800 million people are using Facebook and sharing over 3.5 billion pieces of content. Twitter is averaging over 200 million tweets per day and LinkedIn has more than 64 million users in the US alone.

That’s a lot of information and perhaps an overload of it? How do you find one specific resource for your interests or industry? This, I predict, will be the game changer in 2012 and beyond. I imagine each industry will find one platform for their niche.  Social media is a great resource, but if not designed around the needs of the audience can become cumbersome and under valued.

A great example of social saturation can be found on LinkedIn where most interaction is business to business (B2B). Industries such as Hospitality, Pest Control, Real Estate, and many others have several groups dedicated to the interests of industry professionals. A large percentage of these professionals belong to most of, if not all, the groups available. Each time someone creates a discussion they generally post it on each group they belong to.  If you are also a member of all of these groups you will see this post is repeated over and over again. Then the discussion and comment thread is sporadic. Certain comments can only be found in one group while other groups have different comments. It becomes very confusing and the complete message is lost as all the opinions are spread out among the various groups.

I just came across an announcement that supports this idea. is a social media channel that will combine premium content and social interaction into one integrated platform, bringing people, social profiles, fan pages, social feeds and discussions together with recipes, menus, chefs and restaurants. One stop!  The creators of this channel have brought together a group of the Web’s most passionate, in-the-know food bloggers to engage with and guide consumers through their Foodie journey to discover new flavors, trends personalities and products in the food world like never before by providing access into home kitchens, restaurants, specialty stores, farmers markets and other foodie hangouts.

If there were a “one stop shop” for all your industry updates, trainings, advertisements, videos, PDF’s and open forum discussions would you use that is your primary resource? Keep an eye out. You may find this soon becomes a reality.



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