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You’ve been reviewed now get Faceified

You’re probably wondering “what the heck is she talking about?”. Well, I’ve learned of a great way to consolidate all your reviews and testimonials in one location that you can promote on your website, blog, email, and more!

No matter what your industry, reviews, recommendations and testimonials can be made and found anywhere: Yelp, Craigslist, LinkedIn, your website, wherever your clients are posting their reviews. It’s a lot to keep track of let alone promote. You may have even found yourself reaching out to clients asking them to re-post a review on a certain website for you.  Not anymore! You now have control over this, it’s called Faceified.

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A Social Media Tail

I had a wonderful social media experience with my dog’s pet insurance company and wanted to share it here. I have to say, I don’t manage their social media program. The person who does should be very proud of the work they are doing.

Let me start my story at the beginning. My Bernese Mountain Dog had a run in with a groundhog this summer. The groundhog had gotten the upper hand and my poor pup had to be rushed to the animal hospital. OK. It wasn’t as bad as I thought but the bill was good enough reason for me to have a nervous breakdown. If you own a pet you know what I mean. Those vet bills can be outrageous.

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The Scoop On LinkedIn Open Groups

Some of you may have noticed that LinkedIn now has a group feature called “Open Groups”.  This feature allows anyone to view discussions and comment on them, member or not. Many group managers are concerned the discussions will no longer be private and may cause members to stop posting. Don’t worry! Unless the manager changes the group restrictions of existing groups to “open” the discussions remain private and only visible to members. If the group is switched to “open” each member will receive notification of the change. However, moving forward, all newly formed groups will automatically be designated “open”.

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Blogging For Serious SMO

For great Social Media Optimization (SMO) you ought to be blogging, baby! Blogging for business or personal use is a great way to share your knowledge and thoughts and really make an impact. Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook are great but add a blog and you have the complete package. A blog helps to increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) resulting in more visitors and exposure for your business.

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Twitter: Tweet all about it!

Too often the first thing a client will tell me is “I don’t believe in Twitter for my business needs” or “How can a company get its message across in 140 characters?”.  I hear it all the time.  A common perception of this application is one of self- promotion and wasted time. These concerns are valid. There is no argument there. However, if used properly it can also be a great extension for your other social media resources and even customer service. Oh, did I mention Twitter increases your search ranking and SMO! If used responsibly and professionally Twitter is a strong business tool.

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