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Do you have a Corporate Social Media Policy?

Many of us are using social media in our day-to-day lives. Yes, even during work hours.  Many small business owners don’t see a potential problem with social media use and leave it to the employees to practice “good judgment” and use common sense. The idea that someone would post inappropriate statements, photos, or comments, for example is not of great concern. Plus, you don’t want to micro-manage your team. What good does that do? Actually, having a corporate social media policy can do a lot of good and still provide a feeling of empowerment.

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Smart and Organized Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook fan pages are a great way to market your business and connect with customers. Recently Facebook added some extra options for building your Facebook Fan Page and, very recently, a new look and functionality program change that we will discuss in a future post. Now you can identify your business category and then drill down to the specifics.

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The Scoop On LinkedIn Open Groups

Some of you may have noticed that LinkedIn now has a group feature called “Open Groups”.  This feature allows anyone to view discussions and comment on them, member or not. Many group managers are concerned the discussions will no longer be private and may cause members to stop posting. Don’t worry! Unless the manager changes the group restrictions of existing groups to “open” the discussions remain private and only visible to members. If the group is switched to “open” each member will receive notification of the change. However, moving forward, all newly formed groups will automatically be designated “open”.

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YouTube for Serious SMO

Did you know, this past summer, YouTube became the second largest search engine behind Google? Yes! Although YouTube is technically not a search engine, rather a site, it provides a searchable resource for Internet users. Think about it. When you want to purchase something wouldn’t you prefer to see it in action first? Or if you’re choosing between several hotels for your vacation wouldn’t it be great to take a walk through the lobby, to the room and throughout the entire property first? Or, if you want to learn a new dance move, or, how to build a paper airplane, or what the face your baby is making really means, you can see it all. Just go to YouTube!

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Twitter: Tweet all about it!

Too often the first thing a client will tell me is “I don’t believe in Twitter for my business needs” or “How can a company get its message across in 140 characters?”.  I hear it all the time.  A common perception of this application is one of self- promotion and wasted time. These concerns are valid. There is no argument there. However, if used properly it can also be a great extension for your other social media resources and even customer service. Oh, did I mention Twitter increases your search ranking and SMO! If used responsibly and professionally Twitter is a strong business tool.

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