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Face it, Facebook is it!

Our next top social networking site for serious SMO, Facebook! With this weeks release of The Social Network, we thought it appropriate to dive right in!

To put this mega channel into perspective here are some facts…

  1. Facebook has over 350 million users worldwide
  2. The average Facebook user has 130 friends
  3. The average Facebook user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events
  4. If Facebook were a Country it would be the third largest in the world
  5. Most recenty and very important, Facebook beat Google (all their sites combined) in ‘time spent’

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Top 5 Social Networking Sites For Serious SMO

There are many, many social media sites available today.   They provide everything from micro-blogging to geolocation abilities. With so many to choose from how do you identify which are the best for your business? Below we review the top 5 that will help most businesses Social Media Optimization (SMO).

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