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The Sunsetting of Google+ in April 2019

GoogleGoogle will be shutting down its social platform, Google+ in April 2019. The combination of several data breaches and a small user base has left them with little choice.

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Was your small business blogging in 2012?

If your small business maintained a blog in 2012 congratulations! You were among the many small businesses that found their voice in blogs. As it turns out 2012 saw a 20% growth in small business blogging.

The growth in small business online marketing and social media was very apparent last year. Many industries are finding a niche and utilizing key words to drive attention, organically. Thanks to Google’s prioritization of local results small business can attract more and more. Results are prioritized based on the searchers location. So if they are searching keywords “pest control” or “electrician”, for example, you’ll most likely see local companies on page one– and this is for the normal search results, not just the local results box.

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Looking To The Future To Share Your Past: Facebook Timeline Changes = Scrapbooking on steroids

Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team are shaking things up again. There were a lot of changes announced at the F8 Developer Conference in September.  Let’s get right to it…


Facebook profiles will be the users life history at a glance. As a mom I think this is too cool. I’m not that crafty and, sadly must admit, I let the picture books and archiving of my second child fall by the wayside. Now there are no more excuses. Facebook will capture all the fun pictures we’ve taken, stories and experiences we’ve shared, and places we’ve gone all on one page! The most I may have to do is click a star next to the event.

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Does anyone read my links?

Do you ever wonder just how many people really read the links you post on Facebook or Twitter, for example? Does anyone really care?

Sometimes it’s hard to say if anyone at all is paying attention to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.  Not everyone is an influencer or active participant who will let you know what they thought of your link.  If you’re posting good quality content and your followers are genuine, odds are good they’re listening. The problem is many people are more likely to observe than join a discussion.

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