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Pinterest Vs. Instagram for Business

Pinterest Vs. Instagram

What’s better for your business? Pinterest or Instagram?

Well, in today’s visual world it’s important to be on at least one of these platforms. According to HubSpot, 40% of people respond better if something is visual rather than just text. Social media outlets Pinterest and Instagram thrive on this concept because they are largely based on interaction with images (and now video on Instagram).

Both Pinterest and Instagram are great at story telling with pictures. They just do it differently. Instagram was designed for quick, instant interaction. Photo’s are listed in a feed based on chronological time. There is no official desktop version of the site, and navigating to an individual member’s set of photographs is de-emphasized for the sake of simplicity.

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Understanding Facebook’s new Graph Search

Facebook has announced the launch of it’s Graph Search. It is expected to be a new opportunity to share and gather information on the web allowing the user to analyze and act on data.

The idea behind Graph Search is basically to tap into Facebook database and see what your friends, their friends, and so on, are already sharing. We trust our friends and can now look to them for unlimited recommendations and suggestions.  You can just do a quick search and find out what others think and are doing.

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Was your small business blogging in 2012?

If your small business maintained a blog in 2012 congratulations! You were among the many small businesses that found their voice in blogs. As it turns out 2012 saw a 20% growth in small business blogging.

The growth in small business online marketing and social media was very apparent last year. Many industries are finding a niche and utilizing key words to drive attention, organically. Thanks to Google’s prioritization of local results small business can attract more and more. Results are prioritized based on the searchers location. So if they are searching keywords “pest control” or “electrician”, for example, you’ll most likely see local companies on page one– and this is for the normal search results, not just the local results box.

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Facebook Scheduled Posts

Are you one to hold your tongue and think about something before posting? Or, perhaps you are organized enough to post a discussion 6 months in advance. No matter what your reason, you can now schedule posts for future publication directly through Facebook without using a third party.

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Facebook Promoted Posts

If your Facebook page has at least 400 fans and no more than 100,000 you may have noticed a new feature when you post content, Promoted Posts. This is a new advertising feature from Facebook that allows your content to appear not only in the news feeds of the people who like your page, but in the news feeds of friends of the people who have interacted with your post.

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