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Pinterest Vs. Instagram for Business

Pinterest Vs. Instagram

What’s better for your business? Pinterest or Instagram?

Well, in today’s visual world it’s important to be on at least one of these platforms. According to HubSpot, 40% of people respond better if something is visual rather than just text. Social media outlets Pinterest and Instagram thrive on this concept because they are largely based on interaction with images (and now video on Instagram).

Both Pinterest and Instagram are great at story telling with pictures. They just do it differently. Instagram was designed for quick, instant interaction. Photo’s are listed in a feed based on chronological time. There is no official desktop version of the site, and navigating to an individual member’s set of photographs is de-emphasized for the sake of simplicity.

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Understanding Facebook’s new Graph Search

Facebook has announced the launch of it’s Graph Search. It is expected to be a new opportunity to share and gather information on the web allowing the user to analyze and act on data.

The idea behind Graph Search is basically to tap into Facebook database and see what your friends, their friends, and so on, are already sharing. We trust our friends and can now look to them for unlimited recommendations and suggestions.  You can just do a quick search and find out what others think and are doing.

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Timeline For Facebook Pages Tells Your Story

There’s something new to learn in the world of social media. At the end of March Facebook will convert all Pages to their Timeline layout. Some of you may find yourselves somewhat perplexed, others not so thrilled and then there are those who are psyched! I’m one of those and so are some of my clients.

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Social Saturation

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the content on your social media channels? Are you wondering if you’re missing something or frustrated by the number of duplicate posts you see on a daily basis? You’re not alone.

Recent reports show over 800 million people are using Facebook and sharing over 3.5 billion pieces of content. Twitter is averaging over 200 million tweets per day and LinkedIn has more than 64 million users in the US alone.

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Smart and Organized Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook fan pages are a great way to market your business and connect with customers. Recently Facebook added some extra options for building your Facebook Fan Page and, very recently, a new look and functionality program change that we will discuss in a future post. Now you can identify your business category and then drill down to the specifics.

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