Top 5 Social Networking Sites For Serious SMO

There are many, many social media sites available today.   They provide everything from micro-blogging to geolocation abilities. With so many to choose from how do you identify which are the best for your business? Below we review the top 5 that will help most businesses Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Before diving right into social media it is critical to identify which sites are best for you so that you’re not spinning your wheels unnecessarily and wasting time. Just as important, you want to be sure you’re where your customers are. You will be listening to their conversations and contributing relevant information without “selling”. You need to gain their trust and share information and opportunities that are important to them.


Most B2B businesses are using LinkedIn to network and manage groups that discuss the needs of their clients and up and coming trends in their industries.    No matter who you are marketing to, business or consumer, you should be here. LinkedIn allows you to make your profile information available for search engines to index. Since LinkedIn profiles receive a fairly high PageRank in Google, this is a good way to influence what people see when they search for you. In addition to your name, you can also promote your blog or website to search engines like Google and Yahoo! Your LinkedIn profile allows you to publicize websites. Plus, joining relevant groups can help you stay sharp and broaden your reach.


Blogs are wonderful arenas that allow you to showcase your knowledge and become the authority in your industry. By using strong keywords throughout your post and title, embedding images and video, and using tags you establish strong SEO (search engine optimization) and increase your rankings on search engines. So, the more you blog the more exposure you receive. Just be sure you are talking about relevant information. If you are posting just to post you will lose your credibility. Remember, quality over quantity.


We have all seen how viral videos can become. Take the Old Spice Man ad, for instance. Now, back to me!  We’re not saying that every video will become the most downloaded video but you can try! And it’s not just the number of downloads either that increase your ranking. It’s the flagging, subscribers, embeddings, shares, comments and how it ranks on Google, Yahoo! and the other search engines. To establish strong rankings it comes back to the keywords you use in the titles, descriptions, and tags.


In case you hadn’t heard the statistics already, there are over 500 million active users on Facebook. 50% of those users log on daily and the average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events. If your business is B2C then you may find this to be a great opportunity to listen to conversations and join in. You can create a facebook fan page and corporate page and begin sharing pertinent information, special offers, and news about your business and industry. Just be sure you are addressing the interest of your fans. Believe it or not, Facebook is not for everyone;  just almost everyone. We have seen some B2B businesses struggle here and not continue their efforts.  Sometimes, their efforts are better served on LinkedIn. So, do your research. Are your clients there? Are they talking about you or your industry? Search your keywords and find out.


This seems to be the most controversial channel of the top 5 Social Media channels. How To Go Social loves it! Twitter allows you to quickly get your message out. It suggests people to follow and in turn you are suggested to others based on your posts, profile and followers. Twitter will help you stay on top of your industry and/or market segment. Twitter will help you refine your brand. You can be who you want your business to be. It allows for strong networking by opening up more doors to people you may never have had a chance to speak with otherwise.  Twitter lets you engage your customers.  It gives you the opportunity to hear what they like or dislike about your company, how they feel about your brand, what suggestions they have for improvement, what their favorite products are and why. Plus each time you update your Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts,  and so on, you can announce that on twitter.

No matter what social media networking sites serve your marketing needs best a key to making them successful for you is to link them to one another and have their links noted on your web site and email signature.  Also an important key factor relevance. Providing relevant content is essential for improving marketing effectiveness.  Better understanding your customers, the keyword searches they use and the offers they’re most likely to respond to are the key to making your online marketing more targeted and successful.

This post is just an introduction to what value these social media sites represent for businesses looking to develop a social media strategy.  Follow How To Go Social’s blog. In future posts, we will review how to get started and use each channel.

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