Was your small business blogging in 2012?

If your small business maintained a blog in 2012 congratulations! You were among the many small businesses that found their voice in blogs. As it turns out 2012 saw a 20% growth in small business blogging.

The growth in small business online marketing and social media was very apparent last year. Many industries are finding a niche and utilizing key words to drive attention, organically. Thanks to Google’s prioritization of local results small business can attract more and more. Results are prioritized based on the searchers location. So if they are searching keywords “pest control” or “electrician”, for example, you’ll most likely see local companies on page one– and this is for the normal search results, not just the local results box.

In most cases, the biggest obstacal small businesses find when it comes to blogging is content. What should they write about? Here are some tips to help those creative juices to flow:

How useful is your information?

You know your clients best. So, when it comes to them what do you think they would find useful? Provide some “free” advice and how to’s in the form of step by step instruction and or video. Make it quick and to the point. After all, attention spans are becoming more and more limited.

Discuss the topics you believe your prospects are looking for.

Not only does this go back to the organic SEO opportunity from using key words but you’re showing your prospects that you understand their needs and can provide your expertise. For example, if you are an auto mechanic you may want to write about the importance of rotating and balancing tires to reduce wear and tear on the vehicle and lower gas usage. Or if you are accountant you may want to write about the latest updates on the fiscal cliff and what it means to the middle class.

Get your team involved

This is my favorite recommendation. Your team knows your business, your clients and their needs. They have their ears to floor and are probably your best resource. Let them have an opportunity to connect and show off. Be sure to include their picture an bio on each post so that your clients can connect with them.

If you weren’t blogging already will you be in 2013?





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