Why go social?

A lot of ┬ápeople are using social media channels for their personal use but many business owners are questioning why their business should be participating. I hope to shed some light on this subject and help businesses “Go Social”!

1) People are using social media to post questions, concerns, share their experience and become educated consumers. It isn’t just to catch up with friends. They’re already talking. If they’re talking about you, don’t you want to know what is being said? If they are singing your competitor’s praises wouldn’t you rather they be singing yours?

2) Your competition is out there. As mentioned above, people may be talking about your competition. Your competition may be engaging others. They are gaining their trust and becoming the authority

3)Build and strengthen your brand. By creating and joining in conversations, sharing your expertise, acknowledging your clients concerns and posting supportive messages and discussions you are building your brand. You will become the authority.

4) Increase traffic to your web site. By building profiles, posting discussions, tweeting and blogging “key words” you will drive more traffic to your web site. Why? Key words that relate back to your web site establish your SEO (search engine optimization). You don’t have to be an expert to establish it. For the most part, you just have to know your key words and be sure you are using them! The more you post, the more is shared and commented on, the better your Google ratings!

5) Increase revenue! Once you have established your social media world and people trust you as the authority it is more likely they will come to you the next time they require your services. You have answered their questions, provided support, engaged in other types of conversation…you are the authority they trust!

So “Go Social”! Join the conversation.

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