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Did you know, this past summer, YouTube became the second largest search engine behind Google? Yes! Although YouTube is technically not a search engine, rather a site, it provides a searchable resource for Internet users. Think about it. When you want to purchase something wouldn’t you prefer to see it in action first? Or if you’re choosing between several hotels for your vacation wouldn’t it be great to take a walk through the lobby, to the room and throughout the entire property first? Or, if you want to learn a new dance move, or, how to build a paper airplane, or what the face your baby is making really means, you can see it all. Just go to YouTube!

Video is the most rapidly growing segment of the Internet.  The purpose of video sharing is to leverage video to promote and market your business in another arena online. Videos can quickly provide better rankings for your keywords in the major search engines. Oddly enough, it is also one of the most overlooked elements for most social media strategies. Perhaps this is due to the idea of creating the video and recording it and the challenges of getting that done?

Creating your video and sharing it is actually easy and simple. Here are a few steps to follow:

Choose your topic:

Think about what makes you different. Think about what your audience wants to hear and how to deliver it. Should it be funny or strictly informative? Maybe a client testimonial?  Then showcase your product and its applications, if that is the case. What’s so interesting or different about your business or product? How can you educate your audience?

If you sell cookware, you can show it in use, perhaps how it stands up to the heat of an oven and then how easily it cleans.

Perhaps you’re a hotelier in a competitive market and you want to show the world you resort. You can create a series of videos about a guest’s experience from arrival to departure. Record every element of a vacation at your resort that sets you apart from the competition. Get real guests to participate when you can.

Optimize your VSEO (video search engine optimization):

How do video sharing sites such as YouTube help increase your SEO, or in this case VSEO? Videos contain tags and keywords that are indexed by the search engines. It is all very similar to the technique used when maintaining a blog.

When you are done uploading your video to YouTube you will be asked to give it a title, provide a description and tag it. Be sure to include what it is that you are highlighting in the video and what its purpose is. So, in the case of selling a piece of cookware the title of your video may be: “Rocky’s Stoneware Baker – Holding up to the heat of the oven and easy to clean – Rocky’s Stoneware Baker”.  By listing the product name twice you are also optimizing the video’s SEO.

The description of the video should always include the link to your website as well as the purpose of the video and its title. Think about the keywords and phrases someone would use to find your product. Then craft your description around these elements. This description will appear in search results on Google.  So put down as many relevant and descriptive words as you can without “spamming”.

Now tag it. These keywords and phrases will support the ones already used in the description. In the case of noting the phrases be sure to use quotes, i.e. “easy cleaning”.

Getting Views:

You have your tags, keywords and phrases. That will give you a good start with getting hits. However, this is where Social Media Optimization (SMO) comes into play. Utilize your other outlets. Upload the video and share it on Facebook. Tweet the location with several descriptions. Post it to your blog. Share it on other Facebook pages that you know will benefit from it. Share it on LinkedIn as a discussion.

You will also want to connect to your existing social media contacts through YouTube. So, when you set it up, follow the links to access your accounts and YouTube will ask you if want to follow anyone. Then begin “finding friends” on YouTube. Send invitations and build your base!

Will you use video to optimize your social media?

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