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"There is no superlative to describe Terri's creativity, her avid dedication to excellence in performance of her duties and the confidence she inspires when she is hired to work on a task. I had the pleasure to work with her -- well, in actuality, to watch her go to work -- to set up a social media presence for SPI Software (a highly respected resort software company that has been in operation for more than 25 years). She was superb! A total self-starter, she quickly grasped the ins and outs of both the resort and software worlds and took charge of our blog and social networking profiles. I watched in awe as she would find clever and unusual topics for blog posts, research and develop them. She is 100 percent reliable to which she adds a perspicacity giving us confidence that our social media presence would be of the highest quality at all times."
Sharon Drechsler
"Terri Mason has been the inventor, the implementer, and the key driver behind our social marketing strategy. Prior to engaging Terri, we knew that we needed to get involved with social media, but weren’t sure how or why – just that everyone else was doing it. Terri developed a strategy that included creating a Linked In group that is now one of the largest in our industry. Our group, “PCO Business Solutions” provides members with timely and relevant information for their businesses from and by peers, as well as industry experts. As a result of Terri’s efforts, we are now in front of the most influential people in our target audience adding more each day, engaging them in valuable conversation and most importantly, we have added several new customers that are directly linked to Terri's efforts. I would recommend Terri to anyone who is interested growing their business using social media."


Dan Gordon
PCO Bookkeepers

"We asked Terri to give SPI Software a presence in the social media milieu and she did an outstanding job for us. She tapped all of the important online avenues, including creating our blog and social networking profiles and maintaining a lively Facebook and Twitter correspondence. What most impressed us was her marvelous adaptability and creativity: She learned our language as well as that of our prospective clients; plus, she managed to create some extraordinarily interesting blogs by researching and expanding upon relevant topics. She is an avid learner and a sharp thinker. My company’s audience of subscribers exists and thrives because of her excellent work."

Karl Lange
SPI Software
"Terri is passionate, organized and always ready to run with a good idea. I've been impressed with her social marketing skills and her leadership in this area of our business. I highly recommend Terri to any business that wants to utilize this new technology to grow their business."
Hank Hirsch
RK Environmental Services